TRIFED... A project for the sustainable development of nature’s bounty for the tribal people through marketing of non wood forest produce.

India is in the forefront among nations committed to the assimilation of its ethnic minorities whom the constitution of India calls Scheduled Tribes. The tribal population comprising little more than 8% of the country’s populace is spread across the length and breadth of the land from Jammu & Kashmir in the North to Kerala in the South and from Nagaland in the East to Gujarat in the West. Such a wide variety in agro-climatic and geographical conditions of India’s tribal areas, ensures availability of an equally wide range of natural products. These tribals particularly those living in the interior forest areas depend for their livelihood to a considerable extent on produce available from the forests and agriculture.

The collection of forest produce and its trade provides opportunity for livelihood for the tribal people. Efforts to improve their living standards through a sustainable development efforts require that the right balance between modernisation and the traditional belief systems of the tribals is struck while enabling them to harvest the rich bounty of nature to their advantage. At the same time  need to conserve the nation’s ecological wealth of which the tribals are in many ways guardians should not be lost sight of. The Government of India has been implementing a wide range of programmes keeping these considerations in mind to bring about their economic upliftment in a sustainable manner.

An important element in the policy spectrum of the government to bring about a multidimensional transformation of the tribal society is generating and establishing proper marketing channels for tribal produce, the collection of which is the main occupation and source of income for the tribals.

 This, in turn ensures, assured offtake of their products and remunerative prices while eliminating exploitation of tribals by market forces. The combined impact of these initiatives is aimed at bringing about sustained upgradation of living standards among these indigenous people. To pay specific attention to the marketing requirements of tribal forest and agricultural produce, the Government of India set up the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) - an organisation committed to serving the needs of the tribals and contributing to the upgradation of their living standards.

The Government of India has set up the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation (TRIFED) in 1987 as a cooperative society under the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 1984.


    Authorised: 1000.00 Million 
    Paid Up  997.30 Million 
    By Govt. of India  995.00 Million 
    By Others  2.30 Million