A) Black Pepper [Kali Mirch] (Piper nigrum): Pepper is employed as an aromatic stimulant, to cure weaknesses following fevers, as stomachic, and as an anti-periodic in malarial fever. It is used as a spice in a variety of foods.

B) Large Cardamom [Badi Elaichi] (Ammom sobulatum

Seeds possess properties more or less similar to those of the true cardamoms (Elett aria Cardamom Maton) for which they are often substituted. They are used in sweetmeats and in medicine. An oil extracted from its seeds is applied to inflamed eyelids.

C) Turmeric [Haldi] (Curcuma Longa): 
Rhizomes are sources of turmeric of curcuma. Used as a condiment and a colouring agent. As a condiment in pickles and curries, and as a stimulant, tonic, stomachic and depuratic. Contains an essential oil and the cristalline colouring matter curucumin. Curucuma paper is used as an indicator of chemicals. Turmeric is used in compositions for sprains and bruises. Rhizomes yield an oil used as a carminative, stomachic and tonic. It is used in Ayurvedic, Unani and Siddha medical fields.

D) Tamarind [Imli] ( Tamarindus Indica )
The unripe fruits are a rich source of tartaric acid.  Tartaric acid and its salts are extensively used in various food, chemicals and pharmaceutical preparations.  The seeds of tamarind are a rich source of starch.

E) Coriander [Dhania] (Coriandrum sativum
Coriander is generally grown as a rain-fed crop either pure or mixed with other crops.  The stem, leaves and fruits have a pleasant aromatic odour.  The entire plant, when young is used in preparing chutneys and sauces and the leaves are used for flavouring curries and soups.  The fruit is used in preparation of curry power, pickling spices, sausages and seasonings.

F) Red Chilly [Lal Mirch]  ( Capsicum annum )
Chilies are the dried ripe fruits of Pungent Forms.  In a fresh state, is a rich source of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).  Chilies are used in food preparations as a spice.

G)  Fenugreek [Methi] (Trigonella foenum-graeceum
Commonly known as Methi, is cultivated throughout India for culinary and medicinal purposes, and also for fodder.

H) Fennel Seed [Sounf] (Pimpinlla anisum
Fennel Seed is cultivated as a garden or homeyard crop.  It requires a fairly wild climate and is cultivated as cold weather crop.  Dried fruits of fennel have a fragrant odour and a pleasant aromatic taste.  They are used for flavouring soups, meat dishes, pickles and confectionery items, Fennel fruit contain a volatile oil.