A Project towards empowerment of tribal people,
physically challenged people & organic farmers of India
widening the market for their products.

Establishment of Chain of Retail Shops 'TRIBES'.

Tribal Co-operative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd., TRIFED has undertaken an ambitious project of establishing a network of retail chain of TRIBES shop. The first unit of this country wide retail outlet has been launched in New Delhi at 9, Mahadev Road, New Delhi - 110 001, India.

This network of outlets will enable tribal people to gain access to metropolitan and other urban markets, and also export markets, for their art, handicrafts and other products. For consumers, the TRIBES shop prescribe an opportunity to acquire authentic and unique  tribal artifacts, handicrafts, textiles and other products.

Apart from the products of the tribal people, the TRIBES shop would make available art, craft and utility products produced by persons with disability also. The collection of items from this sector would depict the creativity and strength of the persons with disability.

Organic food, in simple words food items grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc., offers a new way of healthy living. While the concept of Organic food is developed in Western country the sector of urban marketing of organic produce in India is rather new.  The TRIBES shop would also make available the produce from organic farms in India including the farms of the tribal people. The Organic productline includes a range of Rice, Pulses, Wheat, Honey etc. and offers a choice to the consumers to switch on to naturally grown food.

The products at TRIBES would reflect the colourful and rich culture of the Indian tribal people - an integral part of the country's heritage and creativity and strength of the Physically challenged people. Some of these items would be produced by the tribal and Physically challenged people with inputs from Indian Designers to make it unique and distinct.

Initially the TRIBES shop in the capital, fully funded by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, will function as TRIFED's own unit. It is envisaged to promote this retail unit into a country wide network of franchises.

The productline of the TRIBES shop includes :

Authentic and unique Tribal products like Bell Metal Craft, Textiles, Terracotta, Stone and Bead craft, Tribal Musical Instruments, Iron Craft, Dhokra, Bamboo Craft, Tribal Jewellery   
 Unique art / craft / utility products made by persons with disability
Organic Farm Produce like Rice, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Honey, Jowar, Bajra, Pulses, Herbs etc.
TRIBES also offers services of tribal artisans for painting walls with tribal art pictures/Tribal Paintings. 
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