TRIBESNET is a network of people / organisations engaged in issues related to development of Non Wood Forest Produces (NWFP). The membership is open to all those interested in contributing towards developing an approach for sustainable development of NWFPs.  TRIFED's main objective is to provide marketing support for developing marketing for tribal produces by acting as a catalyst for improving its overall business and it considers that by facilitating the interaction between buyers and sellers the overall volumes of the trade in tribal produces can be improved.

TRIBESNET would offer a place where buyers and sellers can leave their offers for purchase and sell.  The members of the TRIBESNET would receive the relevant offers for which they enroll themselves, on daily basis, after which the buyers and sellers can interact directly with each other.  In case any member wants to know more about a particular buyer / seller, TRIBESNET would provide the information from its database about the organisation.  The site shall be linked to similar sites on the net and the offer sent through TRIBESNET would reach the target segment and provide greater coverage resulting in better response to the offer.

TRIBESNET members would also share the database on marketing of tribal produces in India.  Besides, the above people can share the information on various issues related to the development of NWFPs through this site.  TRIBESNET is a dynamic site which will grow with the participation and co-operation of the members.

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